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 Avas, NPC's, and actors

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Avas, NPC's, and actors Empty
PostSubject: Avas, NPC's, and actors   Avas, NPC's, and actors EmptyTue May 25, 2010 2:41 pm

avatars, npc's and actors[/color]

[color=#000000]They all inherit their functionality from class FoxyDistributedPropObject, actually all FoxyWorlds objects do. This class handles the basic operations of creating DO's from the database and persisting their changes back to DB also handles communication of update messages to the clients using several different protocols. We will reuse the Disney animated Actor class but replace the Distributed code with a new implementation. NPC's will use the same code but will be controlled by AI. I'd like to have a plain jane actor class here for special animated models that aren't really "characters" but need animations, maybe hang base class for vehicles here too. Vehicles move fast like avatars so they need to persist themselves often. All DO objects have a persistence flag to specify how often they send state info back to the DB. The NPC AI should keep a little database so that characters can remember you and react accordingly.


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Avas, NPC's, and actors
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