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PostSubject: advertising   advertising EmptyTue May 25, 2010 2:43 pm

Promotion and Advertising

At this point I do not know much about unline advertising, however we will need something to promote FoxyWorlds. There are things like Google's AdWords credits for which are usually included in server plans like Go Daddy.

FoxyWorlds starts up from a Firefox compatible web plugin so I think getting it on the Firefox plugins list would be a cool and obviously inexpensive way of getting our name out there. Fox on fox so to speak.

Another idea would be to send me to scifi and anime conventions with me wearing a fursuit and handing out inexpensive USB sticks preloaded with FoxyWorlds.

Now we come to a much thornier issue, accepting ads and ingame advertising. I do not want anything to be horribly intrusive, ads must remain passive unless clicked. No persistent adware or trackingware may be used. In Chikyuu (it being set at the beginning of the 22nd century) there will be common items like billboards and tv screens, these will probably not be able to support things like aniGIF or Flash; static images and possibly video can be supported as long as they do not consume a lot of bandwidth. In more primitive areas or worlds the ad might be served on the side of a gypsy peddlers wagon or on a sign carried by the town crier. Clicking an ad will do two things, one it will spawn another tab in the browser for the ad and switch the focus away from FoxyWorlds. Second it will disable the user out of the ingame magic/combat engine for the duration of the users interaction with the ad. No sense getting killed while you shop out of game. actually any action that shifts the focus away from FoxyWorlds should disable combat.


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