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 Chikyuu- the backstory

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Chikyuu- the backstory Empty
PostSubject: Chikyuu- the backstory   Chikyuu- the backstory EmptyTue May 25, 2010 2:50 pm

Chikyuu backstory

Chikyuu is the Japanese name for the Earth, it is a large world and will be implemented with our 64 bit infinite terrain shader engine. Yes its flat, the additional math to map a sphere would bring Panda to its knees.

Chikyuu was a world very much like our earth even with a similar history. We are set about 100 years in the future after a cataclysmic shifting of the worlds magnetic poles and some very amazing things have happened:

· as the magnetic field failed it created a magickal field in its place, the planet's mana field recharged and those practicing magick suddenly had their powers increased a millionfold. Psi abilities became commonplace. What should have been harmful cosmic rays as our Van Allen belt failed instead became a mutagenic healing force, lifespans were extended, the biosphere regenerated, we changed.

· the old magickal creatures from myth reappeared, as the planet could now support their existence again.

· Wishday and the great Furshift... for a while during the shift many found their thoughts had power, lots of it. Some self destructed as a result. Many of us who had always wanted fur suddenly found the ability to shapeshift. Many of us now stay that way and are raising cubs / kits in our new forms. Some of us have mastered the anthro walk on hind legs thing and our opposable front dewclaws give us most of the dexterity of a human. Goddess forbid, some of us furs even wear clothing. Also some heretofore "dumb" animals and pets gained speech and at least the intellect level of a human toddler.

· cataclysmic events like the Yellowstone caldera explosion and the big religious war in the middle east pretty well finished off the era of the big superpower nation states. We still have tech though often its a hodgepodge of salvaged and new gear. Power grids are a local thing now, mostly wind, solar or hydroelectric. There's an internet again, and its mostly wireless. Government is strictly a local affair nowadays. Local currencies exist. Gangs, warlords and mobs rule some regions. Motor vehicles pretty much burn alcohol or soy diesel, horses have made a comeback and there are electric cars which still have working batteries.

· interdimensional phenomena have become commonplace especially after the travel cult folks messed things up using "tantric wild magic" to escape to an alternate universe during the time of the war. Places and things appear and disappear often now and we just gotta live with it ( a 357 magnum will take out a velociraptor if needed ) lots of leakage now from alternate timelines.


I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult. ~ Rita Rudner
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Chikyuu- the backstory
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