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PostSubject: control options   control options EmptyTue May 25, 2010 2:52 pm

camera and user controls

Heres what I want, some of the Panda demo code comes close but not quite.

Normal camera mode is first person, you can see your own muzzle but thats about it. Possibly you should be able to toggle a third person view where you can see yourself completely, be nice for combat.

Mouse or touchpad controls where you are looking and your avatar's head moves accordingly, if you turn beyond a certain point then your body will turn and your head will straighten out. The arrow keys control walk forward/back and sidle sleft/right. Shift+ arrows makes you run , ctrl + arrows is jump. If you left click on a spot on the terrain or floor within your view then your avatar should walk to that spot, right click is to take, attack or use an object. Do you even have a middle mouse button, I don't.I do have a roller...zoom vision?

The alpha keyboard is to be left entirely to the chat function which is always on (no WASD controls). Chat text will appear billboarded above your avatar as will be username. Alphas and betas get a special rank symbol also.

The F keys are used as follows:

F1 - F8 avatar poses and facial expressions / bodylanguage

F9 another way to use/take items menu on current selected item

F10 shapeshift (change avatar)

F11 ?

F12 invokes the world (den) editor GUI in sidebar

shift F1 - F8 avatar actions... body action animations

shift F9 examine/sniff current selected item, sniff air if none selected

shift F10 larger menu of actions.... eat it is in here so is pee / poo

shift F11 ?

shift F12 open FoxTales IM in sidebar * chikyuu ver only??

ctrl F1 - F8 avatar combat actions

ctrl F9 weapon selector menu (anthros) * chikyuu ver only

ctrl F10 combat options menu (might put 3rd person view toggle here)

ctrl F11 ?

ctrl F12 open clientserver cache manager tool sidebar

alt F1 - F8 avatar magickal spells quickslots * chikyuu ver only

alt F9 will have something to do with making items ingame and another way to your inventory items and backpack from here * chikyuu ver only??

alt F10 avatar special powers menu alpha's ver has special admin functions here

alt F11 ?

alt F12 open avatar studio sidebar

arrows walk / sidle

shift arrows run / sidle really fast

ctrl arrows jump fwd, back / roll sideways

alt arrows climb / fly / dive down (special semanitcs for up, dn)

ESC quit / logout / shutdown


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control options
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