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 current projects

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PostSubject: current projects   current projects EmptyTue May 25, 2010 2:53 pm

current projects

Fox Island

In partnership with Furry Oasis we will build Fox Island a MySQL based 3D chat and game world. In other words a "first person biter". Fox Island will use a simple terrain engine unlike later projects. The first tests will test the database side of the persistent prop objects communicating only by polling the DB. The next tests will try out an IRCx protocol for communicating object and avatar state. Finally we will test a protocol that dynamically links the peers and establishes a more conventional Panda style PyDatagram layer. We may also test early versions of the world (den) editor and avatar studio. We might even test the early ver of the FoxTales IM which will enable you to text chat to any other user in the network regardless of their location. We are wanting to deploy many of the features typical of social networking sites.


Named for the Japanese word for the Earth, this will be the first full test of a larger serverside world with user build capability. The FoxyWorlds Transit hub and the Virtual Corporate Headquarters of the FoxyWorlds Software Foundation will be located here. The object repository will also be located here in a fully 3D wanderable form (big friggin warehouse). Users will be able to lay land claims and build objects, homes, dens with their creation signature. Chikyuu's storyline sets it about 100 yrs in the future with furs, magickals and humans coexisting, sometimes not always so well. see Chikyuu backstory for details. During this time we will be testing the embedded DB/server clientside and users will begin deploying the first fully P2P worlds. We will also be testing the infinite terrain shader. So be my guest walk toward max positive x its a 64 bit float so have fun and tell me if u find anything out there. Chikyuu will be a large world, far far larger than AW's Alphaworld and unlike an AW world there will always be the appearance of life (eg. vehicles driving on roads, NPC's going about their lives etc. Heck, other users for that matter) NPC's will keep their own sub databases so if you cheat or steal from a shopkeeper he or she WILL remember you.

Advanced Projects

Here are a few cool ideas for eventual implementation.

Panda can interface with OpenCV webcam for avatar expression and headtracking. I've seen a face pingpong demo and several webcam apps that can put your facial movements and expression on an avatar so why not. Also link head motion to avatar.

VOIP Onlive Traveller did it so why couldnt we hook up live voice, and for that matter hook up to the Microsoft speech generator or its Mac or Linux equivalent for the NPC's. Heck even something like the old Roger Wilco would be neat.

Paid premium prop objects, Runes of Magic does it so why couldn't we, I'd like a paid salary or newer equipment.

Ingame ads... could we, SHOULD WE????

FoxyWorlds on an inexpensive USB stick.... great giveaway gimmick at conventions.


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current projects
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