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 in-game currency

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in-game currency Empty
PostSubject: in-game currency   in-game currency EmptyTue May 25, 2010 3:03 pm

ingame currency

there will be coinage' these will eventually have cute names (TBD)

· copper 10 copper= 1 silver

· silver 10 silver = 1 gold

· gold 10 gold = 1 platinum

· platinum the highest currency

Ingame currency may be earned by activities like jobs, treasure hunting in dungeons and ruins, maling and selling ingame items; also ingame currency will come with the purchase of a paid account, donation, or premium items card. There is also room for private ingame regional currencies with all the fun you'll have exchanging them. Who knows you may find a town full of survivalists in the hills still passing around old federal reserve notes (some folks may still be willing to accept them).

Ingame items will have an attached currency value. This may or may not be the actual sale price though. Auctions can increase the value of an item. Any item in your posession may be sold traded or gifted to another including paid premium items. Even a rare premium item may come up for sale so nobody really gets priced out of buying something they really, really want. Item fabrication using acquired skills is a good way to get money too, just ask the blacksmith for a job, learn the trade and get paid well..

Gems and magic items may have a high value depending on what they are/do. .Ingame currency wont trade back for realworld cash though so if you want a FoxyWorlds coffee mug, t shirt, or ball cap or serverside hosting and services... those do cost real cash and bring us needed revenue.


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in-game currency
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