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 General Use FAQ

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PostSubject: General Use FAQ   General Use FAQ EmptyThu Jan 07, 2010 3:24 pm

What is Furry Oasis?
Furry Oasis is an interactive chat system where you are represented by our own personal avatar. This is a PG-13 chat. Therefore you must be at least 13 years of age to have an account with us.

How do I sign up?
On the main page, click on the 'Sign Up' button. Then fill out the form and click 'Submit.'

Can I have more than one account?
We ask that you only create one account per email address. Otherwise multiple accounts take up unnecessary space.

How much does it cost?
Furry Oasis will be free until a paypal account is set up for the site. We will also have side games where you can earn credits towards your account. Also, begging for account time will not be tolerated.

What user names are acceptable?
Most names are acceptable as long as they do not contain curse words, racial slurs, or offensive terms either whole, partial, or implied. All names will be checked by an administrator before they are accepted.

Can I use another users account?
You may only use your own account. Using another users account will be treated as identity theft and will be dealt with accordingly.

What can I get in trouble for?
Use common sense and good judgment. If you believe that you may get in trouble for something, you probably will. At Furry Oasis, we do not tolerate racism or attacks due to sexual orientation. We do not tolerate art theft in any way.
We understand that everyone has bad days, but blatant and habitual disrespect will not be tolerated and will result in a series of warning and possible bans.

What are the punishments?
Punishments range from warnings and temporary banishment's to permanent banishment's and deletions depending on the severity of the situation.

Is role playing allowed here?
We do allow role playing here bu please keep in-depth role play to designated areas and private rooms.

Can I have a mate?
Feel free to have a mate but do not hound people and beg them to be your mate. Repeat performances of this may result in warnings and bans.

What are private rooms?
Private rooms are places that users upload for their own personal use. In your own room you are master of your domain and may allow or kick anyone you wish. You may also your room a rating which denotes the sort of behavior and topics are permitted.

What is an administrator and what do they do?
Administrators are the gears of the chat. Without them, nothing would get done. They check your poses, answer your questions, and handle problems. They update the chat as well as the forums. They also police the chat to make sure that everyone is behaving accordingly. All in all, they are here to make sure that you have a pleasurable chat experience. So please, if you see one around, thank them for all of their hard work.

How do I become an admin?
To become an admin, you must go to the forums and fill out an application. If a position needs to be filled, the current admins will go through the applications and choose the person that they feel is best suited for the job. One big No-No is: Please DO NOT ask for a position in-chat! This is frowned upon and the answer will be a definite no.

Where do I go to make suggestions?
If you think of something that could possibly improve the Furry Oasis experience, please visit our forums and post in the suggestions section.

Can I donate art to the site?
Furry Oasis does accept donations in the forms of money, poses, rooms, and sometimes technical services. We do have the right to choose whether or not we will use the art donated. Once donated, the art becomes property of Furry Oasis, artistic credit still going to the artist of course, to use as we see fit. Permission to use artwork cannot be rescinded once it has been given. Upon donation, the artist acknowledges this.

I don't like one of the administrators. I can be mean to them, right?
Definitely not. While you may express your opinions, blatant rudeness to any user including administrators may result in punishment. We strive to maintain a friendly environment for all, including Admins.

In case of an emergency, how do I contact the Furry Oasis staff?
There will rarely be a situation so severe that it cannot wait, but just in case such a situation arises, Kilawolfracer, one of the chat Alpha's, is usually on Aim and MSN. Abusing this knowledge by messaging her to report someone bothering you will not be tolerated and may result in warnings and bans.

Chat Owner Contact Information

MSN- swartzierulz@hotmail.com, jessi_white2002@yahoo.com


What do the room ratings mean and what is allowed in each?
The ratings denote what sort of behavior and topics are allowed within the rooms.

PG- A fairly safe room that does not permit strong language and sensitive topics. (Drugs, sex, religion, politics.)
R- Strong language and sensitive topics permitted.
X- Everything is permitted as well as topics of a sexual nature including sexual role play.
Room ratings also denote what type of poses are allowed in the room.

PG- Basic poses allowed.
R- Bloody poses and mildly sexual poses allowed.
X- All poses including those of a sexual nature. Some may be very graphic.
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General Use FAQ
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