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 Current Staff list

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Current Staff list Empty
PostSubject: Current Staff list   Current Staff list EmptyThu Jan 07, 2010 4:30 pm

Chat Staff of Furry Oasis

Owners of Furryoasis

Symbol: Current Staff list OwnerFinal

Wolfess-in-ice- Owner, Head of Staff
Undertaker- Owner, Head of Side Games

Co-Owners (Alphas) of Furry Oasis

Symbol: Current Staff list AlphaFinal

Hatred- Co-head of Art Staff
Ryo-Heart- Head of Forum Technology ON HIATUS--NO NET
Pow- Art Staff Cohead
Donnovan- Alpha Coder, Forum Tech
The Fellow- Alpha tech/all around

Furry Oasis Betas

Symbol: Current Staff list BEtaFinal

soultiger- Chat-only Police Beta {more chat active than forum active}
Pixie- Art Beta
Roslynn- Forum Police Beta- SECURITY HEAD IN TRAINING
Gypsy- Art Beta
Cemphur- Art Beta

Furry Oasis Chat Coaching Staff(Kappas)

Symbol: Current Staff list KappaFinal

This is not a rank with administrative authority, only abilities, due to the fact that full access is needed to teach incoming new admins with no experience how to fulfill their positions. People with this rank are expected to be shown the same respect as full admins, irregardless. Failure to do so can have the same consequences as disrespect to the administrators. See the rules if the consequences confuse you

Nitrus- Head of Coaching Staff, Temporary Head of Security

positions open!

Furry Oasis Gammas

Symbol: Current Staff list GammaFinal

Cerberus- Chat Police Gamma *Our prayers go with you on your 7 month tour of duty (Afghanistan, Marine Corps)* HOORAH!
Ocean- Chat/Forum Police Gamma
Raven-Darkstar- Art Gamma

Furry Oasis Staff Trainees (Sigmas)

Symbol: Current Staff list SigmaFInal

alucard3600-Police Sigma
Nny-Police Sigma
Crys-Art Sigma
RequiemWolf-Art Sigma
Accalia-Ayame- Art Sigma

Furry Oasis Deltas

Symbol: Current Staff list DeltasFinal

This is not a rank with any administrative abilities, it mainly is used to recognize contributions to the site, and gives the person a permanent free account on the site.

underdog- For the non-techincal advice you've given us throughout the conceptual phase of this chat, and for helping us launch the beta in the future.
Larky- For being here from the beginning, and all the help you give. Your rank waits for your return.
Astrid- For all you've done for us turdy, your rank awaits word.
Domestic- You've been there to help form a large part of this chat. This is truly as much your brainchild as mine.
FlamingFox- You taught me half the things i know about this forum. It wouldnt keep looking so great without it.
Little-Wildcat- Your input to the site has been beyond value here... your influence is everywhere...you are missed.
Resin- You were a wonderful head of security, and we hope to have you back in action soon.
Avani- Your work is appreciated, and you are welcome back at any time.
Kilawolf- what do i need to say? you were an awesome head
Scarlet- you were as much an asset as your husband

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Current Staff list
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