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 Description of Staff Roles

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Description of Staff Roles Empty
PostSubject: Description of Staff Roles   Description of Staff Roles EmptyThu Jan 07, 2010 4:41 pm

Owners- Owners of the site and founders.

Co-Owners (Alpha)- This rank lists all the staff heads. The alpha rank is now the co-owner rank so the heads aren't set to the actual owner status.

Beta- This rank is the same as it was before, but it is now the highest rank you can achieve on F.O, unless you become a staff head.

Kappas/Coach- This rank is for the coaches or staff trainers. The job of this position is to train the new staff members that join our team having had no previous position on a chat.

Gamma- This rank is for the fully-trained base level administrators and consists of chat policing and art staffing. Rank position is the same as it was before nothing has changed.

Sigmas- This rank is mainly for brand new staff that's been hired on and are currently in training. Once Sigma's have been trained sufficiently, they are promoted to a regular gamma position. Keep in mind, the sigma is a rank!

Deltas- As mentioned above, this rank is merely a recognition of valued contributions to a site and is earned through a great deal of effort. Although deltas can offer input to administrative processes, they have no real administrative duties. The rank of delta signifies a permanently free account, and still demands respect as do all the ranks.
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Description of Staff Roles
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