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 Security Applications

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Security Applications Empty
PostSubject: Security Applications   Security Applications EmptyThu Jan 07, 2010 4:55 pm

Chat Name(s)
Contact information
Previous chat experience(non admin, places and years)
Previous administrative experience, if any (include chat, years, and a contact for your head of department)

As Co-heads of Chat Police it is our duty to gauge whether or not those in our department will be able to perform their jobs to the standards of Furry Oasis. Therefore we ask for each member to explain, in detail, how you would handle the situation.

1) A user comes to you and complains about another user calling them names.

2) Two users begin to fight. Both are cursing, using all caps. One of them happens to be someone that you know well.

3) A user whispers you claiming that they are the victim of in-chat sexual harassment.

On top of sending us your answers, you will be required to check the Security forums at least once a week. Input will be needed dealing with the new FAQ's as well as the rules.

Please submit this application to Wolfess-in-ice

It will then be reviewed by all staff and you will be informed via email as to the results. keep in mind that just because we deny you will not mean we won't store your information and possibly hire you further down the road unless we so specify in your reply.

Thank you
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Security Applications
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